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Welcome to my art blog! ^U^ doodles and drawings and stuffs.

Anonymous inquired: "do ya like frozen?"


Zombie au?????? I wanted to draw more but I’m on extreme lazy and reluctant 

above is Hiccup that got bit and under is Hiccup and Astrid coming back from scouting to Berk base camp 

Anonymous inquired: "Absolutely love your adorable art! My sister's birthday is coming up, so could you draw Hiccup flying with Toothless for her? I understand if it's too much ;u;"

sorry its so small! I hope she has a fun birthday ;w;/ 

Anonymous inquired: "could you please do a hiccstrid sketch? i absolutely love your art style, you're an incredible artist~"

I sure do love some hiccstrid! they’re so great for each other ;w;

janglingargot inquired: "Oh, gosh, your art is lovely. So expressive! <3 If you're doing requests, what about the Big Four as allies in the Hunger Games? My motives for asking are totally ulterior, since I'm in the middle of writing that fic now, so if that's too weird, I'd love to just see Astrid and/or Merida - either one, or both hanging out. There can never be too much love for awesome ladies in fandom."

I think i did something like this before, not specifically hunger games but its the four of them as allies over here

(I misread astrid as rapunzel ugh!!! also my tablet stopped working so i cant fix it umu) edit: its ok now!